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How it Works

QUOTES I give you a fixed quote based on: type of site (static or dynamic/html or CMS), how many pages your site will be, what kind of site you'll need ( informational, blog, portfolio - I do not do ecommerce sites). The quote will not go up unless you decide to change the design after you have already approved a previous design, and the site build out has started.


YOU SHOULD HAVE An idea of what pages you will have, a logo/brand, links to websites that you like.


PAYMENT Payment is split up in three installments. One third before I start the design process, second third before build out starts, and final third before the site goes live.


(Please note that I do not do site maintenance. Once the site has been uploaded, I am out of the picture.)



STEP 1: Developing a menu, and/or submenus, that will be easy to understand and that best features your most important products or services.


STEP 2: Design concepts begin. I usually show a few different concepts for your approval. If you like certain aspects about one design, you can always request that pieces from two designs to be merged.


STEP 3: Building out a sample page. This is the stage where no more design alterations should be made; if you do request changes, fees will apply.


STEP 4: Once I have all site content and images, I will make a proof site for you to access and navigate as if your site were live. (you provide content.)


Step 5: Uploading it onto the web. You will need a registered domain name and a hosting server. I can suggest a few good ones depending on your business and budget.